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Depression Therapy in DC

Our experienced counselors provide psychotherapy for depression and can help you be yourself again. Contact us today!

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Depression is different from person to person, and depression can be so commonplace that we don’t even notice it. Whether it’s a case of the blues that you can’t shake or clinical depression, we’re well equipped to help you get control of your life and start enjoying it again.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

  • Feelings of sadness, despair, loneliness or emptiness which seem never ending
  • Feelings of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness which don’t go away
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in former hobbies or other activities, including sex
  • Loss of energy, feelings of fatigue
  • Loss of sleep, or over-sleeping
  • Appetite/weight loss, or overeating and weight gain
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering things or making decisions
  • Anger or irritability
  • Thinking or talking about death or suicide, or suicide attempts (seek professional help immediately if this is the case)

Our experienced and friendly staff can help you alleviate these symptoms.

How It Works: Treating Depression with Psychotherapy

Depression can interfere with life’s daily tasks. Yet on a daily basis we are pleased to help people change how they relate to their depression and open up new possibilities in life.

Our counselors approach psychotherapy for depression using several general components which, among others, include:

  • Focus on strengths
  • Make life changes that reinforce depression
  • Accepting yourself and depression as a normal part of life

Treating depression with talk psychotherapy can sometimes be done solely with talk therapy, and sometimes we recommend working with a psychiatrist for medication for symptom management. We’ll talk about what your goals are and work together to make adjustments along the way.

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Our psychotherapy fees start at $175 per hour (psychiatry fees start at $200 for 30 minutes).
We do not accept insurance, meaning we are not "in-network" with any health plans.
However, many of our clients submit claims to their out-of-network health insurance and receive 40-60% reimbursement.


We offer a live online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and IFS course for couples.
Thursdays 7-9pm EST from Sept 30th – Nov 11th + optional Office Hours every Monday 12-1pm EST

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