Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Terri Pargot, D.O.
Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
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: Bethesda

We provide evaluation and treatment of bipolar disorder with our board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Terri Pargot.

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The Importance of Getting Help for Bipolar

Bipolar disorder isn’t always dramatic and obvious “manic/depressive” episodes. It’s often marked by major ups and downs that usually get worse and worse over time, but bipolar symptoms can be confused with anxiety, uni-polar depression, or masked by alcohol or drug use. Dr. Pargot’s 27 years of experience as a psychiatrist allows her to thoroughly assess your history and find the correct diagnosis for you.

The Good News About Treating Bipolar

The good news is that once bipolar disorder is correctly diagnosed (there are several varieties), it can be highly treatable. Successful treatment requires a life-time commitment to a combination of medication and psychotherapy. With treatment, support, and education, symptoms may virtually go away for some people.

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