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Keith Miller is interviewed on PBS NewsHour to comment on this complex story about actress Maddie Corman’s decision to produce an autobiographical play on the subject of her husband (a Law & Order producer) being convicted of distributing child pornography.

How Pre-Marital Counseling Can Set You Up for Success
Keith Miller(running time 01:53) – March 2015


Do You Have Enough Emotional Intelligence? Learn from Washington DC Psychotherapist
Interview with ABC News Channel 8, (running time 04:54) – January 2010


What You Need to Know Before Getting Married: Tips From a Washington DC Marriage Counselor
Interview with ABC News Channel 8, (running time 08:37) – August 2009


How to Improve Your Relationship Now: A Bethesda MD Psychotherapist Advice for Couples
Interview with ABC News Channel 8, (running time 06:54) – September 2009


How to End All Forms of Criticism: Bethesda MD Marriage Therapist Teaches You
Running Time: 9:33 (Audio Only)

I think if you want your relationship to last you need to know some basic relationship first-aid. Learning how to end criticism in your relationship is an essential skill that can help you feel more loved and move you closer toward the relationship you want. If criticism just won’t go away after you’ve made a real effort, it may useful to get some third-party help since criticism is a sign that there are some unmet needs to be addressed.

I made this recording to help you learn:

1) Why criticism isn’t the best way to create the relationship you want
2) How to know criticism when you see it
3) How you can express frustration without using criticism

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