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Don’t let the anxiety you’re experiencing ruin your life. Our experienced counselors know how to help with anxiety in all its different forms. Our psychotherapy for anxiety DC might be the relief you’re searching for. Read more about our dedicated and friendly staff and contact us today at 202-629-1949 ext. 0 to discuss which of our therapist are best matched to your individual situation.

Anxiety is never a welcomed part of anyone’s life experience.  It shows up in many different forms and is can very greatly from each individual. There are many ways to improve how you respond to your anxiety so that you can enjoy life and have healthier relationships and be more productive. Psychotherapy for anxiety DC can even boost your creativity.

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ANXIETY CHECKLIST: Any of the following can be greatly helped with psychotherapy for anxiety DC. If any  apply to you, we invite you to call to set up a free consultation with our psychotherapy for anxiety counselors:

  • Feel compelled to engage in unwanted behaviors
  • Have panic attacks
  • Find yourself using more alcohol or other substances to feel calm or quiet anxious or nervous feelings
  • Notice physical changes like loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, or have an upset stomach in response to stress
  • Are being treated for anxiety by your doctor or psychiatrist
  • Exert a lot of effort to avoid certain situations that provoke fear or anxiety (phobia)
  • Frequently feel indecisive or miss opportunities because of being too cautious
  • Think your worries interfere with work or important relationships

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We all know that stress can be useful when it comes at the right time and in the right dose. We all the ability to feel anxiety or we cannot successfully respond to our  environment. If you are alive, then you are supposed to be able to be anxious or stressed in certain situations. Humans have a special kind of anxiety, however, because of our brain’s ability to imagine threats and stress without external stimuli. If you can’t turn this mechanism off, anxiety and fear can become your whole life.

Our psychotherapy for anxiety in DC can help you discover your body’s natural relaxation response that you can learn to stimulate through regular practice until it becomes part of your memorized set-point.

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