Take Psychotherapy to the Next Level with Guided Meditation

Washington DC CounselingMeditation is an excellent way to achieve a state of mental calm and clarity. Numerous scientific studies have shown performing 20 minutes of meditation daily provide countless health and mental benefits. These benefits include: a decrease in depression and anxiety, an increase in disease immunity, and a huge jump in the ability to focus. Meditation creates what is known as a “super mind”, with better memory retention, creative thinking skills, decision making, and information processing. You gain a new control over your life and your mental and emotional states.

However, meditation can be difficult, especially for those suffering from anxiety or depression. The ability to channel your mind is a learned tool and can be overwhelming to start. How can you achieve these amazing benefits when you can’t silence your mind?

A Powerful Psychotherapy

Enter guided meditation, a powerful psychotherapy tool intended to aid in transitioning from hopelessness to empowerment.

Guided meditation is an excellent tool to guide you through the act of meditating without the stress and distraction of attempting to shut your mind off alone. A trained professional leads you through the process gently and confidently, helping keep you on track to achieve mental and emotional clarity and focus. Some techniques utilize written text or video, while others, particularly with counseling professionals, are done by verbal instruction. Music therapy may also be provided as stimuli for relaxation.

Why Use Guided Meditations?

Guided meditations are useful for unlocking emotions and feelings often trapped within. Your trusted professional takes you on a deep journey through your subconscious, where you will be more open to positive suggestions and life changes. The wall blocking you from achieving change is eliminated; despite your brain’s insistence it cannot be done.

What to Expect from Psychotherapy with Guided Meditations

Guided meditation begins with a series of relaxing visualizations. You are instructed on how to breathe, how to channel energy, and how to slowly uncoil the barriers between your conscious and subconscious mind. As you become more relaxed and still, the journey into the deep recesses of your brain begins, accessing your body’s natural relaxation response. Positive energy and thoughts are transferred to your subconscious, focusing on your inner strength. Everyone is equipped with the power to make change within themselves, it’s just a matter of honing those skills and retraining the brain to remember the positive, rather than the negative.

Each session can be individually tailored for the change or exploration needed. Importantly, previous knowledge of meditation is not necessary—you will be literally guided through the process to reach optimal benefits, even if you unable turn off your mind alone. With enough practice, these positive guided meditation sessions will become part of your everyday life. You will feel more confident, more capable, and stronger than before.

Rediscover Your Passion for Life: Consider Psychotherapy in Washington DC

Montgomery County Mental Health

For months now, you’ve just not felt like yourself. Everyday activities have become a struggle, and your loved ones have started to comment on how it seems you’re lacking that joie de vivre — that exuberant passion for life you’ve always had.

You’re not sure what’s wrong, and you’re not sure how to make it better.

May I suggest you consider counseling?

Therapy can help. The wisdom and guidance of a professional psychotherapist in Washington DC can help you onto a path of self-discovery, and toward more effective methods of dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety.

Anyone suffering from, or anyone who thinks they might be struggling with moods that feel out of balance or unwanted behaviors can benefit from seeking professional help. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people harbor misconceptions regarding counseling — and you’re just not sure if psychotherapy in DC is right for you.

Let me be the first to tell you:

It is.

Psychotherapy in DC is right for you.

That being said:

Psychotherapy in DC is not… just common sense.

As a professional psychotherapist in Washington DC, this is an argument I hear a lot. “Therapy is pointless because all therapists do is rehash common knowledge.” Sure, many of the concepts we discuss during psychotherapy sessions at Keith Miller Counseling & Associates make sense: They’re meant to. But they’re not common. Because they’re specific to you.

Psychotherapy is a safe place — your place to work with a trained expert who’s focused only on you; and whose mission is to understand, and help you reach your goals.

Psychotherapy in DC does not… make you weak.

Here’s another big one. A lot of people believe that admitting to and seeking the help of a therapistis a sign of having a character flaw or is a sign of weakness. Neither of these assumptions are true. In fact, the opposite is true.

Having the mental fortitude to recognize that you can, and should be a better, stronger, more confident version of yourself is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Psychotherapy may be… necessary even when you have great friends.

Your best friend has a great shoulder for crying on. Her love and support is undeniable, and you can talk to her about anything. Your relationship with your Washington DC psychotherapist will be different, for a number of reasons.


Therapists are trained professionals, and devoted years of their lives to learning and practicing how to diagnose and treat cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues.


Relationships are give and take; you’ll talk about you for a while, and then your friend will want to talk about herself. The expert, licensed psychotherapists at Keith Miller Counseling & Associates (in Washington, DC & Bethesda, Maryland) devote 100 percent of their time and energy to you.

And hey, you know what they say:

What happens in psychotherapy… stays in psychotherapy.

Contact Keith Miller Counseling & Associates today, and let’s discuss how psychotherapy in Washington DC can help unburden you from stress, anxiety, and depression and let you feel more joy in life.


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