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Quiz: Do You Have the Right Relationship Tools?

Rate Each Answer True or False

1)  My information about healthy relationship tools come from more places than Oprah or popular magazine articles.

2)  I know what tools my partner and I use now that work to keep us connected or to repair disconnection.

3)  I know which tools my partner and I use now that don’t work to keep us connected or to repair disconnection.

4)  I think my parents modeled good relationship skills for me like how to communicate frustrations safely, how to avoid drifting apart, and how to respect and appreciate differences.

5)  I know how I can respond to my own anxiety when my partner and I don’t share the same interests or views on something.

6)  I am aware of normal changes that occur after the “romantic” or “honeymoon” phase of committed relationships and can identify effective ways to respond to these changes.

7) I feel open to the discovery of real differences between me and my partner.

8) I have confidence in our ability to stay connected when we have long-tem disagreements about things that are very important to me.

The point of this quiz is to stimulate your thinking about your current relationship tools. We tend to over-generalize how prepared we are unless we are asked about specifics.

The closer you were to a score of 100% true answers, the more prepared you are for to navigate the obstacle course of marriage. Remember that even good tools have to be used correctly at the right time, so you can always sharpen your agility with what you know.

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