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Phalande Jean

Phalande Jean, LPC, LGMFT
Psychotherapist for Individuals and Marriage/Couples 
Office Location
: Dupont Circle

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Phalande Jean (she/her/hers) is a licensed graduate professional counselor who works with individuals, couples, and families. She’s dedicated to creating safe spaces for all identities and knows firsthand how to tap into each person’s story to find the needed wisdom and power to heal. Therapy with Phalande is about being intentional and mindful, gaining awareness, unlearning aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, learning new ways of being, processing and integrating trauma and taking ownership of our lives as it is.

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Phalande has training in systemic models of therapy and has been heavily influenced by Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Attachment Theory, The Gottman Method, Bowen Family Systems theory and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

She utilizes a combination of talk therapy and experiential/creative therapy techniques that help boost so-called “right brain” functioning shown to increase emotional resiliency, emotional intelligence, and empathy toward self and others. Grounded in a solution-based approach with clear goals, her guidance in using strategic role playing, story/narrative, or other arts can help systematically integrate imagination and stimulate mental flexibility with otherwise rigid feelings or mind states. 

With couples, Phalande believes that healing and growth at the individual level can promote healing and growth for the couple or family unit, and vice versa. She is trained in scientifically-based attachment couples therapy, which treats relationship as essential to a healthy mind and body, and therefore worth the effort of repair, whenever possible.  

Phalande received a dual Bachelors in Psychology and Visual Journalism from the University of Miami. During her undergraduate studies, she combined her passion for mental health and storytelling by hosting a radio show for young adults on campus and in the community where they could talk about their struggles, find support and work to alleviate stigma.

Phalande went on to receive a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University. During her tenure there, she was recognized as a Fellow by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy for her dedication to working with young adults with substance use disorders.


  • Couples: Deal constructively with conflict and find balance in your relationship
  • Dysfunctional Communication: Identify and share your needs constructively
  • Anxiety: Take control of your life and free yourself from fear and worry
  • Depression: Learn coping skills and reclaim the joys in your life
  • Substance Abuse: Receive personal support in your recovery
  • Gender/Sexuality issues: Explore and affirm your identity within a safe environment
  • Living with an STDs/STIs: Navigate stigma and receive support
  • Body Image: Grow a healthier and more resilient relationship with your body
  • Shame: Find acceptance and belonging
  • Disordered Eating: Learn and practice intuitive eating to develop a balanced relationship with food
  • Stress management: Navigate life’s transitions and demands
  • Trauma: Find healing, balance and compassion


  • Individuals from the black diaspora
  • Immigrants
  • Gender non-conforming or gender variant individuals 
  • Femmes and womxn of color
  • Religious/spiritual individuals
  • Kink and polyamory

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The fees for a session with Phalande Jean are as follows: $172 for a 60 minute session and $258 for 90 minutes all before 4pm on weekdays. After 4pm on weekdays and on weekends the fees are as follows: $198 for a 60 minute session and $297 for a 90 minute session. A 4% discount is given for payment by check, cash or ACH bank debit. Please make checks payable to “Keith Miller Counseling, LLC.” Payment is expected at the beginning of each session unless other arrangements have been made.


Phalande sees clients in the Dupont Circle office. She has daytime and evening appointments available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. This schedule is subject to change.

Schedule Your Consultation
Or call Phalande directly at 202-629-1949 ext. 15