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Monique Walker


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Dr. Monique D. Walker, MFT
Individual, Couple, Family and Group Psychotherapist

Office Location: Dupont Circle

Dr. Walker is a couple and family therapist with several years of experience providing individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy. As a relationship expert, she has expertise working with communities of color, LGBTQI communities, as well as adolescent and women’s development.

In addition to training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment, and Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dr. Walker-Riley is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), an integrative and effective approach for individuals who have been impacted by trauma.

My Training

I have a PhD in Couple and Family Therapy from Drexel University and am a Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m also an active member of the American Family Therapy Academy, the Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians, the National Conference on Family Relations, and the Black Doctoral Network.


I can help you explore and heal from trauma, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, and other forms of relational and interpersonal distress. Working with me in therapy will provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space to explore, understand, and have more compassion for the multiple layers within your personality. With couples, I provide clear structure to our sessions and have a very active presence to help partners change destructive patterns, have productive conversations and resolve conflict. I’ll offer clear steps to help you create the kind of relationship you desire. As a native Virginian, I’m excited to return from Philadelphia to the Washington area with my growing family.

I understand the unique healing path necessary to overcome racial, gender, and sexuality-based oppression because of my own personal and professional experiences navigating these experiences. I’m actively involved in community-based work related to many of the socio-political causes that are central in our society at this time.

I’ve benefited tremendously over the years from my mentors and colleagues, as well as from my own personal challenges. I know how rewarding it is to invest in your personal growth through therapy. Therapy is a unique place where you can be nurtured and challenged. I look forward to getting to know you and find the right balance to explore what’s possible in your life right now.

Here are some clinical issues that I work with frequently, and typical goals of therapy:


  • Improve communication – create safety to talk about vulnerable subjects with respect and care.
  • Transform relationship conflict into connection – deal constructively with negativity and gain healthier, more balanced expectations for your relationship.
  • Infidelity – find out what created the opportunity for an affair, whether you can really work it out and stay together, and discover ways to repair your relationship.
  • Sex therapy and other ways of negotiating (non)monogamy in your relationship – identify solutions to sexual issues in your relationship and/or determine whether monogamy is right for you and your partner
  • Pre-marital and pre-parental counseling – discuss some common issues that arise for couples as they are preparing for marriage or expanding their family.
  • Prepare/Enrich pre-marital relationship assessment (Dr. Walker-Riley is a certified facilitator).
  • Intentional Parenting – become a parent your child respects and listens to without coercion or punishment.
  • Lower the volume and raise respect – find alternatives to yelling at your teenagers and increasing connection.


  • Improving your success in relationships – gain confidence with being yourself and relating to others.
  • Women’s mental health – resolving gender-based stress, depression, and difficulty in the workplace.
  • Identity development – identifying where you are in your racial/ethnic identity development. and/or gender or sexual identity development and how it may be impacting your life.
  • Managing moods (depression, anxiety, chronic stress) – take control of your life and free yourself from fear and worry.
  • Grief counseling – find forgiveness and stability as you grow from tragedy or loss.
  • Healing from trauma and adversity – restore a healthy balance and rhythm, and find new meaning in your life.
  • Substance abuse – receive personal support in your recovery to identify and heal the pain that keeps triggering your drinking, smoking, or other drug use.

Fees and Payment

Payment is expected at the beginning or conclusion of each session. Cash, checks or ACH debit (see ACH debit form below)  are preferred payment methods, and checks should be made payable to “Keith Miller Counseling, LLC.” We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (see credit card form below)

$177 for a 50 minute individual session (therapy hour) for an individual, $192 for a 50 minute relational session, $265 for an 80 minute individual session, and $286 for an 80 minute relational session. A 4% discount, is offered for using one of the preferred payment methods of cash, check or ACH bank debit, amounting to fees of $170, $185, $255, and $275, respectively.

Additionally, a 10% discount will be offered to clients who pay in advance for a package of 10 sessions using one of the preferred payment methods, amounting to fees of $159, $173, $239, and $257 per session, respectively, and you will also be eligible for the additional 4% discount if you use one of the preferred payment methods.

I offer a sliding scale on a limited, case-by-case basis and based on your household income, family size, and debt burden.

Individual counseling appointments are typically 50 minutes, and couples or family counseling appointments are typically 80 minutes. Dr. Walker-Riley will talk with you to determine what session length is most appropriate based on your needs during the 15 minute free phone or in-person consultation.

Appointment Hours

Dr. Walker has daytime, evening and weekend appointments available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the Dupont Circle office. Schedule may change in the future.


INSURANCE: Neither Keith Miller Counseling, LLC or Dr. Walker accept insurance or participate in insurance networks. However, because we are licensed mental health providers, it is likely that your insurance may provide “out of network” coverage in the form of reimbursement for mental health services. Coverage and reimbursement rates varies widely across policies, so it will be your responsibility to find out what your expected reimbursement rate may be from your insurance company. You are responsible for paying in full for services rendered at the time of service, and upon request, I will provide you with a monthly invoice to submit to your insurance company if you plan to pursue reimbursement. As you are making your decision about pursuing insurance reimbursement, please consider the following:

CONFIDENTIALITY: All insurance companies require some level of information about the reason you are seeking mental health services in order to process your claim. In addition, managed care plans often require detailed information regarding the problem(s) for which you are seeking help, its history, symptoms, family and work life, and sometimes more. This information is then entered into a large information processing system and current regulations may not be strong enough to completely protect your confidentiality.

CONTROL OF TREATMENT: Managed care companies may use the information provided to them to decide if treatment is “medically necessary,” what kind of therapy is or is not approved, and later, if it should continue. Many insurance company employees who make these decisions have limited training, and oftentimes have never met or even talked to you.

PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS: Health insurance exists to pay for the treatment of a diagnosable illness. Therefore, to access insurance benefits for mental health services, a psychiatric diagnosis code must be given before most insurance companies will pay or reimburse for services. Oftentimes, insurance companies require a certain level of severity of diagnosis that they deem necessary for treatment and to some this may feel overly severe or pathologizing. I will use my best clinical judgment, in consultation with you, to determine your diagnosis. For couples, I will use the procedure code: 908.47 for “conjoint therapy” because insurance companies typically do not reimburse for “marriage” or “couples” therapy.



Scheduling an appointment with me involves the reservation of time that is set aside specifically for you, therefore a minimum of 36 hours is required for re-scheduling or canceling an appointment. Unless we have reached a different agreement together (based on schedules or some other extenuating circumstance), the full session fee will be charged for sessions in which you do not show up or do not cancel at least 36 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time (see Fees and Payment section above for instructions regarding carrying a balance). Insurance companies do not generally reimburse for missed or canceled sessions.
In the case of inclement weather, the above cancellation policy is in effect unless the federal government is closed, or unless we agree upon something different.


I am happy that you took the time to read more about me and how I work. Between now and our first session, feel free to read over and complete the forms below. You may bring them with you to our first session or I can provide forms in the office for you fill out at the beginning of our appointment. I look forward to meeting with you and/or your partner or other family member(s) very soon!