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Managing Moods Without Medication


Keith Miller, LICSW


September 11, 2010

12:30 PM to 02:30 PM

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Cost: $25 per person


Lawton Community Center
4301 Willow Lane
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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Managing Moods Without Medication

Depression (“the blues”), bipolar symptoms (mood swings), or anxiety do not have to control your life. You can learn to orchestrate your emotions and change entrenched behaviors by increasing your emotional intelligence. In this two-hour seminar, you’ll be introduced to an experiential model of mindfulness, used in psychotherapy, that is cutting-edge in the area of neurological integration between thinking and feeling.

The seminar will consist of discussion and teaching about why successful emotional regulation depends on a balanced mix of using both our cognitive mind (thoughts) and emotional mind (feelings) without either side taking over. A systematic method exists that can be learned through study and active facilitation (experience) that allows you to dramatically increase self-awareness and change entrenched behaviors. Live demonstrations of the process will be part of the seminar.


  • Why you don’t have to avoid negative or “bad” feelings
  • You are more than your feelings, even if feelings seem overwhelming and powerful
  • How you can learn the positive intent and function behind your feelings and trust feelings to make smarter decisions
  • The parts of your personality you most want to change can reveal your most positive attributes when approached safely and systematically
  • Why feelings often become more intense and unpredictable when approached strictly with “mood regulation” techniques or philosophy
  • Taking medication to manage your moods may be necessary and very helpful for some people. It is also  possible to discover or heal your natural capacity to consciously connect to your limbic system, using a mindfulness approach, and internally alter your brain chemistry over time.

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