How to Deal with Aggressive Behavior within the Family?

Family TherapyAggressive behavior might lead to several problems in life. Such behavior can manifest in a person due to various reasons like heredity, unpleasant childhood, and exposure to unpleasant events. Though certain level of aggressive behavior is crucial to defend ourselves, it should not reach an extent where you harm others. Aggression is a very common problem in several families. To control your aggressive behavior, going to a DC family therapist can be helpful.

DC family therapist can help you realize that the main trigger for aggression is frustration. The idea here is to focus on triggers that easily cause aggression and not on aggression itself. You may get frustrated easily when you are questioned about your actions or when someone makes fun of you, which eventually leads to aggressive behavior. To prevent that, it is important to learn how to react in such situations. Understand that by being aggressive, you might even hurt people in your family physically and emotionally.

If you are aggressive, you might be disturbing the peace in your family. The other family members might be deeply affected by your behavior. Sometimes, young children might start imitating your behavior and turn out to be aggressive as well. Prevent that by learning to control your aggressive behavior; go to a DC family therapist.

The DC family therapist can also help you understand that reacting to problems violently is not acceptable for anybody. So, try to remain calm and composed because when you react, it will give an opportunity for the other person to taunt you more. Practicing yoga, meditation and other calming exercises can be a good idea. Besides that, you can also learn about other techniques for controlling anger and aggression through the sessions conducted by a DC family therapist.

This does not mean you suppress your anger. Whenever you are expressing anger or fear, do so in healthy ways so that your family members understand why you are angry, without getting disturbed themselves. The sessions by a DC family therapist can guide you to express your anger through different means.

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