Finding a Therapist in Takoma Park

Keith Miller Counseling is a group of professional therapists dedicated to helping couples and individuals in need of counseling and psychotherapy. For those in the Takoma Park area looking for a therapist, we have two offices conveniently located near the metro in Washington, DC and Bethesda.

Marriage & Relationship Issues: Having and maintaining a healthy bond with your partner can provide you with strength and encouragement throughout all aspects of your life. Our therapists can help the two of you to develop this sort of lasting bond. Use our library of articles and videos to find ways to help insure a healthy, long standing relationship. You and your partner deserve happiness. One of our highly trained therapists can help you achieve it.

marriage and couples counseling in Takoma Park

Premarital Counseling – Finding a therapist Takoma Park: The proper guidance can help a marriage to survive and thrive. Our pre marital and couples therapists can help you start your life together on the right path. Many couples have said that they feel closer to their partners after premarital counseling and much more secure heading into their life together as a married couple. Our therapists can help you to lay the groundwork of a strong relationship built on communication and love.

Anxiety Treatmen­­­­­t Finding a therapist Takoma Park: Do you suffer from feelings of anxiety and fear in your daily life? You are not alone. Nearly 40 million adults in the United States are impacted by some form of anxiety. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our counselors today and learn how you can start living a life in which you will no longer feel trapped by your anxiety.


Addiction Treatment: Our expert team of counselors can help you to overcome your addictive habits.Whether you are facing drug, gambling, sex, porn, technology, or any other form of addiction, our therapists have the experience to help you get on the right track towards recovery. Schedule a free consultation today and learn how you can start to take control of your life back.

addiction therapists in Takoma Park

Depression Treatment: Battling with depression can feel like something that you will never be able to overcome, but there is hope. With the guidance of our counselors, you can identify the cause of your depression and start on the road to having feelings of joy and happiness a regular part of your life again. Our staff is trained to help you learn how to leave a life of depression behind.

Anger Management:  Do you feel anger interfering in your life? Our therapists have helped many people in the Takoma Park area with that exact problem. They have helped them to realize that life can be free of constant frustration. At our mental health centers, you can learn how to direct your anger in a productive manner. Uncomplicate your life and let our therapists guide you into becoming a joyful person once more.

Mind-Body: If your mind or body is in physical pain and causing you stress, you could benefit from our mind-body program. Integrate our successful mind-body program with your life to help alleviate your agony. Many individuals have found that traditional therapy alone may not be enough to address a physical ailment they are experiencing. Let this life-changing program assist you in recreating a well-balanced life.

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We focus on systematically building your emotional intelligence. The Keith Miller Counseling team offers a number of services to help you gain emotional insight to personal and relationship issues. Our goal is to help you build toward becoming a happier and healthier you.



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Our fees are between $200-$400 for 50 minutes, depending on your counselor. We do not accept insurance, meaning we are not "in-network" with any health plans.
However, many of our clients submit claims to their out-of-network health insurance and receive 40-60% reimbursement.