Eating Disorders Treatment DC

Eating disorders treatment dcAre you looking for eating disorders treatment in DC? Are you looking for compassionate help to get free from an eating disorder? Or maybe you don’t have an eating disorder but need help with emotional eating? We can help you if you are struggling with an eating disorder, through psychotherapy and coordination of care with other medical professionals, when necessary. Our counselors are happy to offer a free consult today:

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One of our eating disorders treatment DC counselors will assess the issue you are having with food and create an action plan to support having a healthy body image and healthy relationship with food again.

Eating Disorders Treatment DC

Our Eating Disorders treatment DC staff offer counseling for:

These diagnosed conditions may include symptoms such as:

  • Equating self-worth on weight, body size, or appearance
  • Constant thoughts of food, dieting, and weight gain/loss
  • Weighing oneself multiple times per day
  • Binge eating
  • Eating in secret
  • Frequent diets, starvation, or use of diet pills
  • Purging food via vomiting, laxatives, or using diuretics
  • Excessive exercise with a goal being weight loss or weight management


Call 202-629-1949

  Counseling for DC eating disorders treatment


Our Dupont Circle office is located in downtown Washington, DC,

at 1320 19th Street, NW. It is across the street from a Red Line Metro Station.

DC Eating Disorders Treatment

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eating disorders treatment DC

Our fees are between $200-$400 for 50 minutes, depending on your counselor. We do not accept insurance, meaning we are not "in-network" with any health plans.
However, many of our clients submit claims to their out-of-network health insurance and receive 40-60% reimbursement.