Bethesda MD Counseling

Bethesda MD Counseling

Find out more about our expertise in the following areas. Browse each link below to learn more about our Bethesda MD Counseling and find out how we can get you to a better place fast.

  • Marriage & relationship issues: The health of your committed relationship is one of the most important factors that affect your general health and happiness. We have useful free resources that include relationship articles and audio/videos packed with tips for making your relationship better with Bethesda MD Counseling.
  • Premarital Counseling with Bethesda MD Counseling:  Getting married soon? Wondering if you are with the “right” person? We offer premarital counseling, at Bethesda MD counseling, that can help you and your partner figure out what’s most important and get clarity about your relationship.
  • Drug Treatment with Bethesda MD Counseling: Don’t let addiction rule and then ruin your life. Whether you have concerns about your use of alcohol, the way you use sex or food, or want to learn more about how emotions affect the chemical cycle of addiction, our Bethesda MD counseling can get you on the right track. You can be assured that our approach is one that encourages more attention to building areas of strength and how to gently remove the layers of shame that accumulate from how others respond to our addiction and how we try to get rid of it. Our Bethesda MD counseling can help you uncover the hidden reasons for addiction so you can develop new and healthier replacement behaviors.
  • Anxiety Treatment with Bethesda MD Counseling:  You don’t need to turn to medication to deal with anxiety that interferes with your happiness or makes you less effective at reaching your goals. Learn how to use a form of mindfulness psychotherapy to help you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system–the “brake system” for the brain’s stress response. Get a FREE CONSULTATION for our Bethesda MD counseling today.
  • Depression Treatment with Bethesda MD Counseling: Our society commonly treats depression with medication sometimes without paying attention to what is actually causing the depression. Learn how you can combine talk therapy with drug therapy for severe depression, or for moderate or mild depression, use only talk therapy for successful treatment. If depression is affecting you or your loved ones’ life or your ability to be your best self, turn to Bethesda MD Counseling.
  • Anger Management: Our counselors are experienced in helping people find productive ways to deal with anger that won’t go out the window when the next challenge presents itself. Anger is not only an issue for “those other people” whose angry behavior gets them in trouble. Anger can also live in a relationship as resentment that finds passive ways of expression. Bethesda MD counseling isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. We’ll get you on a path to learning how to transform your anger into a more positive energy that you can use for a more successful and fulfilling life.
  • Mind-Body Counseling. Mindfulness counseling is a modern approach that gives you a direct connection to the way your body and mind can work together. By learning the methods of Self-leadership, you can tune into subtle signals within your body and mind and translate these into action and conscious thought. The bottom line is that when you learn methods to relax your brain, you can be more successful in your relationships and more effective in your everyday life.


Our reason for having many specialties is because of our focus on systematically building emotional intelligence. The relationship we will build with you, combined with some skills designed to create emotional insight and regulation, will help guide you in the direction you want to go. You can read more about this Bethesda MD counselings approach here, called Self-Leadership or attend one of my INTRODUCTORY SEMINARS (at left).


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Our fees are between $200-$400 for 50 minutes, depending on your counselor. We do not accept insurance, meaning we are not "in-network" with any health plans.
However, many of our clients submit claims to their out-of-network health insurance and receive 40-60% reimbursement.